Entry #7

Xbox Gamertag

2013-10-11 07:06:59 by Silver-Glint

Add me: Glintofsilver


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2013-10-11 14:21:59

I don't have xbox gamertag.......I have a synthesizer though..


2014-07-03 00:02:08

Whoops, got lost here on my way to make hotdogs... you still play Xbox online?

Silver-Glint responds:

yep :D


2014-07-17 17:59:19

Yeah, I never saw the point.. plus the last console I had was a PS2.

Having fun here on NG? The BBS is full of every type, kinda makes it... something weird to get into, on a semi-daily basis.


2015-04-30 11:20:35



2016-03-06 16:38:33

Hey, saw you over at Amaranthus' place... I've since got hooked on GTA online, but I haven't been there lately, for fear of being pawned too easily. Sometimes I'm too trusting lol You still play Xbox live?

Silver-Glint responds:

Hey. I have an xbox one but scratched my gta disc so currently can't play gta online atm. But if you still wanna add me it's the same GT :)


2016-03-07 23:54:23

Shame on you for scratching the disc :O Kinda sucks they don't make discs like they used to: the film was in between the plastic, not on one side. Doesn't gamestop have a service, you pay 5 bucks and they stick the disc in a buffing machine? Better to borrow someone else's disc buffer than to spend 20$ to buy one of your own.

Silver-Glint responds:

Nah my kids got hold of it and hid it behind their radiator. I only found out when I was doing a deep clean >_<

We don't have a game stop in the UK :( just gonna buy another one eventually tbh


2016-03-08 03:00:24

It's that bad a scratch? At least it didn't warp from the heat! Now that I think about it, that's what kids do, hide things :\