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2013-10-11 07:06:59 by Silver-Glint

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2013-09-29 15:46:31 by Silver-Glint

Boredom has struck hard, feel free to harass me on Ask.FM

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2013-09-22 14:42:55 by Silver-Glint

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2010-03-06 20:27:41 by Silver-Glint

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Short Return.

2010-03-05 05:53:06 by Silver-Glint

Well I know it was short. But I am back.. well kind of. Not entirely. I am not going to be on as much as I used to. But the important thing is I am here. :D

So yeah, I won't be on all day any more.. a few hours a day.. some days I probably won't even be on as I need to get on with this thing called "Life".. so yeah.. HI :)


Tiffany :D

2010-01-31 07:00:29 by Silver-Glint

My daughter is 4 months old, and amazes me everyday. She's so advanced for her age, already lifting herself to sit up, picking things up and throwing them, turning over onto her stomach and trying to crawl.

She's gorgeous, and so funny. She plays with her toys and shouts at them lol :D

So I thought I would share with you, my fellow NG members.

Tiffany :D

It's Janine Yo'

2010-01-30 20:07:58 by Silver-Glint

Yeah, so I thought it was time I made a new post.

I just want to let you know, I have enough love to go around. So how about it.